Friday, August 31, 2012


At 1 atmosphere of pressure, 25.0 grams of a compound at its boiling point is converted to a gas by the addition of 8,180 calories. What is the heat of vaporization for this compound, in calories per gram?

A. 25.0 cal/g
*B. 327 cal/g 
C. 540 cal/g
D. 8,140 cal/g

Which substance can be decomposed chemically?

A. CaO and Ca
B. MgO and Mg
C. CO and Co
*D. CaO and MgO 

The particles of a substance are arranged in a definite shape geometric pattern and are constantly vibrating. This substance can be in 

*A. The solid phase, only 
B. The liquid phase, only
C. Either the liquid or the solid phase
D. Neither the liquid or the solid phase

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