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I have taught chemistry and physics for forty years and helped prepare many students for the MCAT exam.

Often, in class when discussing the principles of work and energy I propose this question.

“If I asked you to lift a two hundred pound bag of sand from the floor and place it on the desk in front of you could you do it?”

The unanimous answer was most often “No – Of course not!”

My immediate response was then - “I could and so could you!”

Here’s how. Get and small container and scoop a bit of sand at a time from the bag and place on the desk and surely after a time the entire bag would be lifted from the floor to the desk and you have done it with little strain.

Now the point of this question of course was not to instruct the class on how to lift bags of sand, instead it was to show how simple machines “spread work out” and thereby make a seemingly impossible task possible.

What does that have to do with preparation for the MCAT exam?

Well, for many, at first glance, sample MCAT exams appear to be impossible. How can a good score possibly be achieved on such lengthy, all encompassing test?

The test requires the application of dozens if not hundreds of fundamental concepts and ideas.
A quick prep course can help but I view it as trying to lift that two hundred pound sand bag with one giant effort. Some people may be able to lift it a short distance, a scant few will be able to raise it to the desk top but a majority will be completely unsuccessful.

What if, instead basic information about the concepts and principles needed to do well on the exam were presented to the student in small, continuous doses?

Do you think the chances of lifting the student’s ability to do well on the exam would be increased?

I do!

It is for that reason I am suggesting that you try my method of MCAT preparation. It is free for the first two weeks. You can then decide if you think it will aid you in achieving a desirable exam score.

Here is the way MACText works.

Each day, everyday, numerous of text messages will be sent to you regarding the chemistry and physics concepts and principles that are essential for success on the MCAT. Some will be principles, some will be equations and some will be questions. All will be short (140 characters), to the point and easy to understand.

Over time you will accumulate vast amounts of information in small doses instead of relying solely on a deluge of brain cramping, cramming supplied by tradition prep courses.

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