Tuesday, August 28, 2012


What is the pressure of a mixture of CO2, SO2 and H20 gases, if each gas has a partial pressure of 250 torr?

A. 250 torr
B. 500 torr
*C. 750 torr 
D. 1,000 torr

A gas sample has a volume of 25.0 milliliters at a pressure of 1.0 atmosphere. If the volume increases to 50.0 milliliters and the temperature remains constant, the new pressure will be 

A. 1.0 atm
B. 2.0 atm
C. .250 atm
*D. .500 atm 

An increase of the temperature of a system at equilibrium favors the 

A. Endothermic reaction and decreases its rate
*B. Endothermic reaction and increases its rate 
C. Exothermic reaction and decreases its rate

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