Monday, August 27, 2012


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What is the energy of a quantum of light having a frequency of 6.0 x 10e14 hertz? 

A. 1.6 x 10e8 

B. 4.0 x 10e8 

C. 1.3 x 10e8 

D. 5.0 x 10e-7 J 

 Experiments performed with light indicate that light exhibits 

A. Particle properties, only

B. Wave properties, only

C. Both particle and wave properties

D. Neither particle or wave properties

What is the speed of light in a medium having an absolute index of refraction of 2.3? 

A. .77 x 10e8 

B. 1.3 x 10e8 

C. 1.5 x 10e8 

D. 2.3 x 10e8 m/s 

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